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Excel 2007 12.0.6300.5000 is the most popular spreadsheet program
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Excel 2007 12.0.6300.5000 is the most popular spreadsheet program.
Is part of the Microsoft Office 2007 package, among with other utilities as Word 2007, Access 2007, PowerPoint 2007 and others.

It allows users to input data into cells included in a grid made of rows and columns. The user can introduce functions and, referring to the cells by its name (formed by the letter or combinations of letters that identifies the column and the number that identifies the row), can display the result in that cell. The result will change dinamically if the content of the included cells changes.

Each file produced by Excel is called a book. Each book can contain several sheets, with different names. Each sheet consists of a grid that has 1048576 rows by 16384 columns, forming 17179869184 cells. Each cell can contain a different piece of information, and can be referred by its unique name.

The program has lots of features to sort data, make calculations, make graphics, insert hiperlinks, take data from outer sources, etc.

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  • It´s the most used spreadsheet program, with lots of versions through the years. It´s powerful and easy to use


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