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Question by Guest
July 29, 2023


I have used on my old Toshiba Satellite laptop since the past few years and but i not tried to modify or repair on my all Office apps anymore. When i trying to modify or repair on all Office apps for 2007/2010 and i getting a message says:

"Setup cannot find Office.en-us/DW20.EXE. Browse to a valid installation source, and then click OK."

Any ideas? Or may have to see the folder in the location and getting a message says "Invalid location." appears on Windows 7 but i cannot modify or repair on all Office apps because the registry or file is missing or corrupted or may have in some newest versions (e.g. Office 2013 may have installed at one time) and so i try to resolve on my installation to do it?

Thank you for help.

Rajesh Gupta
Answer by Rajesh Gupta

The error message you are encountering indicates that the installation source for Microsoft Office Excel is not found or is invalid. You may need to browse and locate the correct installation source to resolve the issue. If the registry or files are missing or corrupted, you may need to reinstall or repair Microsoft Office.

Question by Guest #109271053
May 13, 2020
Rajesh Gupta
Answer by Rajesh Gupta

It seems that there is an issue with opening Microsoft Office Excel. Additional information would be required to provide a specific solution.

Question by Guest
September 12, 2016

I am looking for a tool which allows me to point to an Excel workbook, and highlight three separate dimensions, i.e.: X Axis (Column A = StoreName, Column B = StoreNum), Y Axis (Row 2 ProductName and Row 3 = Product Code and Z Axis (Quantity). Then create a new clean sheet for this. Would like a widget which asks: "Which products do you want kitted together/?". Any ideas?

Stephen Prastman
Answer by Stephen Prastman

I've searched for a tool to fit your needs, but it appears there is nothing available to do exactly what you need. However, there are some tools available that you can try to see if they'go, but if it turns out there are useless, then you will have to achieve this with the help of Macro scripting.

As an example, use the following one to start with:

Question by Guest
January 1, 2010
Answer by Murtuza

Type in malayalam... This the website to get a software called Lipikaar which will help you type in malayalam in any files... You will also get its tutorial over there...

Question by Guest
February 17, 2010
Answer by Dan Angel

A SIF file is a Salary Information File which needs to be submitted to the bank for processing through Wages Protection System. Unfortunately, on the market there isn't any software available to perform this operation. However, you can try to do it manually. Open an Excel document, type EDR (Employee Details Record) in the A columns, enter the 14 digit Person ID number in the B fields and the Agent ID in C. Type the employee's account number or Salary Card Number in the D columns and the payment start date and payment end date in the next 2 sections. Make sure you enter them in YYYY-MM-DD format. In the G fields enter the number of days for which the salary is being paid and in the next two type the fixed and the variable amount to be paid to the worker. After that, enter the number of days on which the employee is not paid.

After you finish the EDR section, type SCR (Salary Control Record) in the latest row and enter step by step the 13 digit Employer Unique ID, Bank code of the Employer, File Creation Date (YYYY-MM-DD format), File Creation Time (HH-MM format), Salary Month (MM-YYYY format), EDR count, total salary amount paid to the workers, AED (Payment Currency) and an employer reference number if it is available. After you finish, go to File > Save As, enter the Employer Unique ID, File Creation Date and File Creation Time as file name (it should be in EEEEEEEEEEEEEYYMMDDHHMMSS format), select CSV as Save as Type and rename the .csv to .sif. Click Save and you will obtain the .sif file.

Guest #29028679
Question by Guest #29028679
November 18, 2013
Answer by Pete Clapp

There are lists of programs you can use to recover .xlsx file passwords. For any of this programs you have an editorial review. I suggest you to use Excel Password because it's capable of recovering Microsoft Excel file passwords of any length, type, and complexity.

Andrew Constandache
Answer by Andrew Constandache

JPEG is a raster image file format which is editable in a graphic application (Adobe Photoshop, XnView, Gimp, etc). XLS/CSV are file formats used by software that handle documents as XLS is a spreadsheet document. Converting from JPEG to XLS gives you no advantage because in Excel you can import pictures but because it is software which uses numbers and rows, the editing part for images is very limited.

rajesh 8
Question by rajesh 8
October 20, 2012
Andrew Constandache
Answer by Andrew Constandache

The official Excel package is not available yet for tablets which run iOS or Android and instead you will need to use an application which is available for both operating system and since you didn't mention what are you using I can recommend you Polaris Office which is available for both ends. The application has support for the .xls and .xlsx file formats and it should be OK.

Question by Guest
September 29, 2011

Why shared folder with excel files from other computers are very slow to open on my computer? Computers have the same operating system and Microsoft version (excel 2007).

Answer by Aiden McLeod

This may have multiple causes like large files, spending time on validation process, scanning for viruses. To fix this, you can try to check your antivirus trust list and try to add the Excel files on it. Also, you can go inside Excel software, to Options -> Advanced -> and check "Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)". This may solve your problem.

Also, for more informations about this matter you can visit the following official link :

Question by Guest #37206076
March 22, 2015
Answer by Alex Urbach

You can use almost any application listed through the database of Software Informer. Access the results list (narrowed down based on your search) and then pick an application from the list. Tick Free only if you want just the free ones. Once the software has been chosen and installed, add the encrypted file and let the software do the rest.

Results list:

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